EICM Offering
ZPX Pte Ltd (“ZPX”) in partnership with Milltrust International Group (“MIG”) is sponsoring a managed vehicle- ZPX Tech Titans SP (“ZTT”) that will invest into the Carmenta Growth Portfolio 2017, LP (“Carmenta LP”).

Carmenta LP is a Delaware Limited Partnership managed by some of the sharpest Founders Fund & Cooley alumni (“Carmenta Management LLC”). Carmenta LP is a vehicle setup to acquire interests in private, high-growth technology companies (the “Portfolio”) from a pre-determined selection of tech unicorns targeting high impact returns with accelerated liquidity (compared to traditional venture capital funds). A gross IRR exceeding 30% for the fund level and realization events within 24-36 months for the bulk of the portfolio is targeted.

Broadly, Carmenta LP emphasizes opportunities where company-specific risks (e.g.- tech obsolescence, hyper-valuation, binary outcomes, undue illiquidity risk, etc.) are minimized and portfolio returns can be enhanced through various factors including pricing at acquisition and outperformance of the underlying companies.