The?Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC)?project is a remarkable initiative by the Duke of Westminster.? He served 40 years in the British Reserve forces and has witnessed the price paid by many members of the armed forces during their service.? He feels strongly that we owe those who volunteer to fight for our countries, alongside forces from other nations, the best possible care and rehabilitation if they are injured during strenuous training or in conflict.

When opened in 2017 the DNRC project will have a dramatic impact on the lives of armed forces people and could be game-changing in the rehab medicine field world wide, not least as there is a strong likelihood of wider R&D interest locally and internationally.

The target for the capital campaign is ?300M by 2017, with a crucial interim target of ?200M to be reached by the end of March 2014 when, subject to its achievement, the Government is likely to give its final go-ahead for the facility to be built. ?148M has been raised to-date.

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