London, 24 January 2018

Milltrust Agricultural Investments (“MAI”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of neighbouring dairy farms, Invergelly and Taminga. The properties are located near Finley in the Southern Riverina district of New South Wales, a region recognised for its superior soil types, access to reliable irrigation water and history of consistent productivity. Invergelly comprises a broadacre irrigated dairy farm and Taminga provides additional irrigated support land to expand the milking platform. Together the farms comprise approximately 550 hectares of laser levelled bordercheck pastures setup for strip grazing and additional support land. The farms have been purchased for the MAI Australia Buy & Lease Fund, which has now acquired 7 farms since inception in 2016.

Production from Invergelly has been consistently above district average. The dairy herd, which will be retained under the ongoing lessee relationship, is a top producing herd which in 2013 was the highest producing jersey herd in Australia. MAI plans to further develop the farms including building a calf rearing shed and feedpad and physically integrating the two properties with crossings and laneways. Additional water rights have been purchased to continue increasing the cow numbers and production. With the full utilization of the new feed pad area and integration of the farms a significant rise in production to over 6.5 million litres is forecast in the coming season.

Griff Williams, CIO said “this investment represents a carefully structured entry for the Fund into the Australian dairy sector. The quality and experience of the farm management partners and the opportunities to leverage highly productive assets by introducing further investment in technology provides an exciting long term opportunity for our investors”.

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