Milltrust focuses on Real Assets across the Emerging Markets, identifying, originating and investing in opportunities that provide an inflation hedge and offer diversification to traditional equity investments.

Our theme is to focus on the basic necessities of life, food, shelter, clothing, energy and infrastructure, with investments in Agricultural land & Commercial Real Estate.

Milltrust International Investments

Milltrust International Investments is a unique, award winning investment platform for investing into world-class real assets opportunities. MAI (Milltrust Agricultural Investments) is the agriculture program under it.


The Buy-to-Lease strategy focuses on purchasing existing farmland and leasing to pre-identified established regional and international operators. It is under MAI (Milltrust Agricultural Investments).

Real Estate

We have successfully funded five shopping malls in major African cities since 2011 through Novare African Property Fund 1. We are working with our partner Novare Fund Management to launch Novare African Property Fund 2.


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