Milltrust International Investments is a unique, award winning investment platform for investing into world-class agricultural opportunities, capitalising on the changing demographics of the developing world.

MAI (Milltrust Agricultural Investments), the agriculture program under Milltrust International Investments, will invest across the geographically diversified farmland opportunities that our Real Assets private equity team have identified. An investor could also use our single custodial platform company to make direct investments into any or all opportunities using their own allocation rationale. It allows the investor to benefit from the tax efficiency, corporate governance, technical oversight and institutional reporting provided by the MAI structure, as well as a focus on exit.

Unique features of MAI:

The MAI investment process is focused on bringing large scale land holdings into agricultural production, within a strict environmental, social and governance framework and on enhancing the productivity of that land. The opportunity is focused largely on farmland which has a high productive potential, but is undervalued due to lack of infrastructure, development or management skill, and would benefit significantly from targeted investment, the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and agronomic skills.
Our award-winning asset management team have 20 years? investment management experience on average, and includes specialist farmers, agronomists, financiers and ecologists. We work with the top local partners to bring their invaluable local knowledge to the investee companies.
The MAI program offers investors a diversified range of agricultural investment opportunities driven by increased global demand for food and other agricultural commodities. We are investing in the first instance into a range of Australasian and Latin American-focused transactions.
Our investment thesis is driven by changing demographics, fast growing populations, and moreover, by the Global Financial Crisis, which has encouraged investors to look for a long term inflation hedge and driven the appetite for real assets and yield, and the shift away from the typical private equity structure towards more a direct investment structure.
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