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Milltrust SEDCO MENA FundClass A USDIE00BDB7J47907/06/2016103.50 **ProspectusJun-2017N/A3Q 2017Jun-17May-17
Milltrust SEDCO MENA FundClass B USDIE00BYXL2T0112/07/2017
100.19**ProspectusJun-2017N/A3Q 2017Jun-17N/A
Milltrust ASEAN FundClass A USDIE00B6VN203025/01/2013107.00ProspectusJun-2017Apr-20163Q 2017Jun-17May-17
Milltrust Latin America FundClass A USDIE00B8FBJ28022/06/201299.79ProspectusJun-2017Apr-20163Q 2017Jun-17May-17
Milltrust Keywise China FundClass A USDIE00B8FJTW2922/06/2012143.19ProspectusJun-2017Apr-20163Q 2017Jun-17May-17
Milltrust India FundClass A USDIE00B9601C5003/01/2013169.03ProspectusJun-2017Apr-20163Q 2017Jun-17May-17
Data as at:17/07/2017
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* Milltrust Funds are sub-funds of Emerging Markets Managed Accounts plc, an open-ended investment company, incorporated in Ireland and authorised and supervised by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as a UCITS under the provisions of the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations 2011.

** Milltrust SEDCO MENA Fund data shown for previous business day if reported NAV/Share date falls on a Friday.


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