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Milltrust is focused solely on the opportunities presented by emerging markets demographics. We are launching MAI (Emerging Markets Land Opportunities SPC), to permit institutional investors to select direct investments through a segregated portfolio structure (“Cayman SPC”). We have already funded a dairy business in NZ and a large scale cotton farm in Australia with backing from some of Europe’s largest pension funds. We also have a pipeline of Asian and Latin American focused transactions prepped for investment.

The investment thesis is driven by changing demographics, fast growing populations, and moreover, by the Global Financial Crisis, which has encouraged investors to look for a long term inflation hedge, and to move away from the typical private equity structure to direct investment opportunities. Our structure ensures that whilst there is no double layer of fees, there is nonetheless a professional oversight role that represents the interests of our investors.

We now have two segregated portfolios, one which will invest into the Latin American opportunities (MAI LatAm). Another portfolio will initially invest into a number of Australasian agriculture businesses MAI ANZ.

Alternatively, one can invest into any or all of the individual investments through the single custodial platform company, structured for maximum tax efficiency, providing the investor with a single portfolio of individually segregated assets.

The minimum investment into the portfolio company is 1 million USD, whether into the portfolio, or an individual project.

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