We are pleased to announce the following important changes to Milltrust’s range of Emerging Markets UCITS Funds (Milltrust India Fund, the Milltrust Latin America Fund, the Milltrust Keywise China Fund and the Milltrust ASEAN Fund) which were implemented on the 9th of May 2016:

In order to meet investor demands and as a reflection of the increased liquidity in emerging markets, it has been determined to move the Funds from weekly to daily liquidity.

Performance Fee
In order to align the performance fee calculations with industry standards, it has been agreed to replace the existing 3 month USD LIBOR hurdle rate with an appropriate market index for each Fund.

Class C Shares
In order to accommodate large investors and offer a more competitive fee structure, a Class C Shares with fee of 80 basis points per annum was introduced.

For any enquiries, please contact emma@milltrust.com