Newly launched managed accounts program, EMMA (Emerging Markets Managed Accounts Plc), the Dublin-based UCITS platform of Milltrust International, has come out of the blocks at a scorching pace, delivering stellar returns which have also proved to be somewhat uncorrelated with their market indices.

EMMA was established with State Street to provide institutional investors with the safety of a single custodian, and hence the advantages of look-through transparency so investors can see where returns have come from and what risks have been taken to achieve them. The first three funds comprise of a Greater China Fund, managed by Value Partners in China, a Latin American Equities Fund, managed by the largest pan-Latam bank, Banco Ita? and a Brazil Equities Fund, run by BTG Pactual, the preeminent investment banking firm in Brazil

“Above all, with institutions inevitably increasing their exposure to the developing markets where growth far outstrips the Western economies, our structure offers the key assurance of control”, said founder and hedge fund veteran, Simon Hopkins. “In addition, controlling the portfolio through a compliant custodial account also permits enhanced transparency and liquidity”.

Since the June 2012 launch, the Milltrust Value Partners Greater China Fund returned 13.43% to investors, annualising 24.09%; the Milltrust Latin America Fund gained 18.45% annualising 33.66% versus the MSCI Latin America index which returned 11.89% over the same period; finally, the Milltrust Brazil Fund returned 14.25% since June 2012, annualising 25.66% versus the Ibovespa index (USD) which was up 9.61%.

“EMMA is the first dedicated EM managed account platform. All the costs associated with the provision of the managed accounts are embedded within the management fees. This belt and braces safety does come at a cost but we absorb this from the fees we earn”, said Eric Anderson, Managing Partner of Milltrust International LLP, the London-based promoter of the Irish UCITS structure. “We are delighted that our value offering has achieved such a success which proves that investors can combine performance with safer and more transparent investment structures”

“The world has evolved from passive and benchmarked investing. Investors are now interested in managers that can demonstrate active portfolio management skills based on high conviction calls backed by local, on-the-ground specialist research teams”, Alexander Kalis, Partner and Head of Manager Research at Milltrust said. “This has translated into strong performance for our clients”, he added.

Two new funds will be added to the EMMA Platform in the coming weeks including the Milltrust India Fund, to be managed by UTI Asset Management Company (UTI), the oldest asset manager in India, and the Milltrust ASEAN Fund to be managed by Lion Global Investors, a subsidiary of OCBC Bank in Singapore, rated “the World’s Strongest Bank” by Bloomberg in 2012, with $24bn in assets under management.

About Milltrust International Group

Milltrust provides investors with access to investment opportunities in the Emerging Markets, and structures these strategies to provide the necessary transparency and safety of assets required by investors today. Milltrust International Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd. is a group holding company for the group’s operating companies, which include Milltrust International LLP, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom, and its wholly owned subsidiary Milltrust International (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a company that operates in Singapore under the exemption provisions of the Securities and Futures (Licensing and Conduct of Business) Regulations (Rg 10).