Milltrust is building a globally diversified EM land opportunities fund, focusing primarily on farming assets. We have originated world class opportunities in dairy (in New Zealand, backed by one of the largest European government pension funds), irrigated cotton (in Australia, underpinned by an investment from another large European industry pension fund), and we are looking at opportunities in row cropping, pastoral and tropical plantations in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

We work closely with local GPs with the appropriate regional expertise and know-how, and those few that can genuinely combine farming and financial services in the composition of their teams. We help to originate and advise on the investment case and structure the appropriate offshore investment vehicle. We also serve as the primary interface with international investors.

Our investment platform offers investors the chance to invest into the individual deals, sizing them for the appropriate return to risk, or to invest into a portfolio of opportunities diversified across geographies, farming product and climatic zones.

Milltrust Team and Investment Opportunities

  1. Unique approach to identification of world class farming management and investment teams
  2. Early involvement in the origination and structuring of the investment opportunity
  3. Focus on mitigation of risk through thorough understanding of local legal frame work with respect to corporate governance and land ownership rights.
  4. Focus on diversification of risk across geographies, farming types and climatic zones.
  5. Highly regulated structure to provide oversight, serve as global promoter and protect interest of investors.
  6. Economic interests aligned with the underlying GPs and LPs to ensure no conflicting economic arrangement – we are a platform of pre-due diligenced investments and not a fund of funds where fees are typically extracted principally for raising capital.
  7. Farmland is a central theme at our firm as many of our clients see it as the ultimate inflation hedge, and are keen to acquire ?real assets? which will appreciate in value and generate a recurrent income.