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DATE: 26 Aug 2014

For the first time, the EMMA UCITS Platform is opening its doors and inviting Frontier and Emerging Markets fund managers to join the award-winning platform.

?The EMMA UCITS Platform is the first platform of its kind to focus on Frontier and Emerging markets strategies, and already features a range of some of the world’s leading regional asset managers from the emerging markets?including BTG Pactual, Ita?, Value Partners, UTI and Lion Global Investors, explains Alexander Kalis, Managing Partner & Investment Director at Milltrust International LLP. The funds on the platform act as stand-alone investment opportunities or as complementary building blocks for a genuine global emerging markets offering across all the funds on the platform.?

UCITS Funds account for over 6 trillion euros in assets with a universe of over 35,000 investment funds. The structure has gained wide European – and even Global – appeal in the fallout from the global financial crisis where regulated, transparent, liquid, and safer investment solutions have become the prerequisite for investors seeking to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities towards their clients. UCITS funds are also exempt from AIFMD, which allows overseas investment managers to distribute their UCITS-compliant funds to authorised countries without the need for additional regulatory measures.

?The EMMA UCITS Platform is in the perfect position to welcome the increasing demand from investment managers globally who are looking for a quick and cost-effective platform from which to launch their UCITS regulated funds with full European passporting distribution rights?, says Eric Anderson, Managing Partner at Milltrust International LLP. By joining the EMMA UCITS Platform, investment managers can rely on an experienced onboarding team who will help project manage the launch within 10-12 weeks and minimise unnecessary burden on the manager.?

Milltrust plays an important role in the onboarding process and subsequently acts as the Platform advisor and Promoter of the newly launched EMMA UCITS Fund.

?As a result, Milltrust?s Senior Investment team has a duty to carry out a comprehensive and periodic due diligence review of the underlying managers and to ensure the EMMA UCITS Platform focuses on an exclusive number of first-rate funds from across the Frontier and Emerging Markets. Post-launch, Milltrust is also responsible for monitoring all investments, enforcing compliance, and reporting to the Board of Directors and to the Central Bank of Ireland?, adds Anderson.

?Contrary to most other platforms that take full exclusivity for controlling distribution, branding and marketing which can act to the detriment of the investment manager, the EMMA UCITS Platform offers investment managers a simple and attractive infrastructure solution that is designed to appeal to both large and established Frontier/EM groups that have their own distribution and marketing capabilities, and to growing managers looking to minimise costs?, says Simon Hopkins, CEO at Milltrust International Group.

?Although Milltrust does not offer active fund-specific distribution services, our global team is constantly travelling around the world road promoting the merits of the entire EMMA UCITS Platform to investors. In addition, EMMA UCITS funds are monitored by Milltrust?s Investment Advisory services and may be eligible for investment recommendations to Milltrust?s advisory clients. Milltrust is able to offer attractive and truly cost-efficient terms by removing the need for costly distribution and co-seeding arrangements that are typical across most other platforms?, Kalis added.

The EMMA UCITS platform also offers optional state-of-the-art managed accounts infrastructure capabilities and technology through Milltrust?s joint venture with State Street Bank.


EMMA PLC (?EMMA UCITS Platform?) is an open-ended investment company incorporated in January 2012 under Irish company law and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company offers investment managers the opportunity to join an award-winning UCITS platform exclusively focused on Frontier and Emerging Markets strategies. The platform features a range of some of the world’s leading regional asset managers, each forming an individual building block to a complete global emerging markets offering. The platform also offers optional state-of-the-art managed accounts infrastructure capabilities and technology.


Milltrust International Group (?Milltrust?) is an award-winning global investment organization, co-located in the regulated asset management hubs of Singapore and London with additional regional presence in some of the most dynamic markets in the world, and focused on providing investment management expertise on both traditional and alternative investments with a focus on Frontier and Emerging Markets.

Milltrust provides access to the best investment opportunities and structures these opportunities to deliver the necessary transparency and safety sought by international investors today. In 2012, Milltrust International adopted the EMMA UCITS Platform for its clients? investments into the Milltrust EMMA range of UCITS funds. The EMMA UCITS Platform is now being made available to third party Frontier and Emerging markets managers for the first time.

Milltrust also advises the Emerging Markets Land Opportunities SPC, with a specific focus on?developing agricultural farmland projects Latin America and Australasia, and also offers a specialist African real estate fund that builds shopping malls in sub-Saharan African cities.

Milltrust International Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd. is a group holding company for Milltrust International LLP, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

For more information, please contact | emma@milltrust.com | milltrust.com | +44 (0)20 3427 3440