The world is changing. The global population is expanding fast. The post crisis environment has opened the door to new investment opportunities focused on providing the world with the necessities of life – food, energy, clothes and infrastructure. These investments are real, have little to do with stock markets and offer a hedge against the spectre of inflation, the risk of sovereign default and the devaluation of paper money.

Past failures to employ top farming techniques or understand local laws and the impact on local communities have resulted in calamitous forays into industrial scale farming in some parts of the world. Milltrust Agricultural Investments (“MAI”) program is different, drawing on the experience and proven success of the top local teams and combining institutional credentials with farming know-how to create significant asset appreciation. We provide international investors with access to a range of large-scale agricultural investments focused on land conversion or improvement, turning more of the land towards sustainable agricultural production, and exiting to long-term institutional or strategic investors.

Milltrust’s transformational projects seek to cultivate land and improve farming practices across diverse geographies and climates, and a broad array of strategically targeted agricultural products. MAI gives our investors the opportunity to cherry pick from a variety of individual agricultural businesses or to invest into a geographically-focused portfolio. We combine the best corporate farmers in each region with expert investment management and oversight of environmental, social and governance issues, whilst serving as a fiduciary to our investors, providing the most tax-efficient, flexible, single custody vehicle.

Our award-winning asset management team includes specialist farmers and agronomists, financiers and ecologists. Our local partners bring invaluable local knowledge and have a vested interest in positive outcomes, as they share in the success of the portfolio companies. MAI, whilst a company, has no post-money valuation that prescribes a huge share in the project for Milltrust. We win only if we are all winners. We?re travelling to parts of the world most people never visit, looking for investment opportunities to assist developing countries and local communities. We hope we can help make your investments life-changing for you and the world in which we live.