Simon Hopkins, founder of Fortune Asset Management which was sold to Close Brothers in 2006, has re- emerged as the founder of Singapore-based Milltrust International Group.

The emerging markets investment platform focuses on Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is about to launch a range of institutionally focused, managed account-based funds for emerging markets, drawing on the expertise of established local asset management firms. It is also providing institutional investors with access to pre- screened private equity investments focused on the developing world.

Hopkins said, “Our research shows that international investors are looking for locally based asset management talent as they increase their holdings in the parts of the world that will offer the best growth prospects over the next decade. Western institutions are still woefully underinvested in emerging markets. This is against a backdrop of low growth and fiscal deficits in the West which will last a generation.”

The Milltrust team includes a number of industry veterans including Louis-Armand de Rouge, former CEO of Richcourt Fund Advisors in France; and Mark Ebert, former chairman of Fortune Group.

The managed account platform is supported by InfraHedge and State Street. The seed capital is being made available by a regional asset consultant.

Milltrust also announced that it has acquired Think Alternative Advisors, a UK-based investment advisor run by Alexander Kalis and Eric Anderson.

Anderson said, “The platform is inspired as it enables investors in emerging markets to overcome their principal objections to the risks of complex strategies and unfamiliar counterparties by giving them control, transparency and liquidity through a single custodian, which in this instance is State Street….we believe this could be the answer to the constraints that to date have limited capital flows to the local managers.”

Kalis formerly oversaw Asia for LCF Edmond de Rothschild’s Asian Capital Holdings. He then ran Banco Santander’s Asian fund of funds before co-founding Think Alternative with Anderson. Anderson had worked for Hong Kong-based Ortus Capital and then led Credit Suisse’s due diligence efforts on alternative investments.