EM Investment Forum Invitation
– For Professional Investors Only –

With reports of some bank’s wealthiest clients buying emerging markets once againis now the time to get back into emerging markets?

You are cordially invited to meet with Milltrust’s specialist emerging markets team and some of the most experienced investment managers from the developing world from 9:30am to 12:30pm on the 10th of March 2017 in Mayfair, London for presentations on the current opportunities of investing in Emerging Markets and on Milltrust’s unique, award-winning investment approach to constructing GEMS investment solutions.

Milltrust’s emerging markets forum will also feature market outlooks and fund updates from Gerard Lee of Lion Global Investors, the leading asset manager in Southeast Asia, Kamran Butt of SEDCO Capital, one of the most prominent asset managers in Saudi Arabia, and Tim McCarthy of VTB Capital Investment Management, one of the best Russia-Focused investment managers in the industry.


9:30am-10:00am: Milltrust International LLP
Milltrust’s Global Emerging Markets Investment Solutions
Alexander Kalis & Eric Anderson

10:00am-11:00am: Lion Global Investors
Asian equities and fixed income
Gerard Lee, CEO and CIO

11:00am-11:30am SEDCO Capital
Middle Eastern equities
Kamran Butt – Managing Director & Head of Client Advisory and International Distribution

11:30am- 12:00pm VTB Capital Investment Management
Russian equities & fixed income
Tim McCarthy – Managing Director, Co-CIO and Head of International IM

12:30pm – End

Please register at connect@milltrust.com to receive full details.
Private meetings also available upon request for Lion Global Investors, including Scandinavia (27-28 Feb, Copenhagen), (1 Mar, Stockholm), (2-3 Mar, Helsinki), and the UK (9-10 Mar).

About Milltrust International

Milltrust International is a global asset management business focusing exclusively on providing access to leading asset managers from the Emerging Markets and structuring these investment opportunities with the necessary transparency, control and safety sought by international investors today. 
Milltrust has developed a regulated, single-custody multi-manager, managed accounts platform in partnership with State Street Bank, on which it has launched a suite of actively-managed EM-focused UCITS equity funds, managed by some of the leading investment managers in these regions, including China, India, ASEAN, Latin America and MENA. Milltrust ensures oversight & monitoring of investments, operations and risk management of each Fund whilst State Street Bank, the Platform provider, ensures daily independent monitoring and oversight of risk limits & investment guidelines.In addition, daily transparency on the fund activities is provided through the Milltrust EMMA Platform’s Online Portal which enables investors to fulfill their fiduciary obligations to better understand the risks embedded in their portfolios.

Milltrust’s Emerging Markets Investment Solutions

The Milltrust Investment Solutions offer investors customisable, actively-managed complete global Emerging Markets investment portfolios, enabling them to outsource the asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing and fund selection.
We offer three solutions:
(3) GLOBAL EMERGING MARKETS BEST IDEAS PORTFOLIO (“BIP”) Our solutions all use our ‘Double Alpha’ investment approach. The two sources of alpha are captured by:

  1. Leveraging off a selection of country specialist investment teams, including the Milltrust EMMA Fund Managers, who have demonstrated a significant informational edge in their respective region; the teams seek out strong growing companies that are well-run and levered to the dominant domestic themes in each region (Bottom Up Alpha); and by
  2. Using our proprietary ‘top down/macro’ modelling techniques and qualitative analysis to actively re- balance the portfolio towards the regions in the developing world that provide the most favourable environment (Top Down Alpha).