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MAI Explainer Video Long Version

MAI Explainer Video Long Version

Emerging Markets Managed Accounts (EMMA) PLC

Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer, and Eric Anderson, Managing Partner & Head of Investment Solutions, discuss Milltrust Emerging Markets Managed Accounts (EMMA) PLC. Hopkins and Anderson talk about emerging markets, their diversity approach and track record

Milltrust Agricultural Investments

Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer, and Griff Williams, Chief Investment Officer, discuss Milltrust Agricultural Investments. Hopkins and Williams explain the strategy, who it is aimed at and talk about the risk reward characteristics.

Simon Hopkins interviewed by

Simon Hopkins, CEO, Milltrust International interviewed by, discussing the Emerging Markets Managed Accounts, or EMMA platform. Hopkins explains who Milltrust International is and discusses the investment proposition, alpha vs beta and the client base.

Talking about MAI on

Simon Hopkins,CEO, Milltrust International interviewed by, talking about ‘MAI’, Milltrust Agricultural Investments SPC. Hopkins looks at the aims of the fund, why it invests in agricultural land and the fund’s USPs.

Simon Hopkins’ Leadership Series Interview

Simon Hopkins’ Leadership Series Interview – Leadership & Investment Banking World.

In this video interview, Simon Hopkins, CEO of Milltrust International Group shared his views on leadership making a difference and discussed the leadership skills possessed by the senior level businesspeople in the multi-national financial industry.

Part 1

Part 2

Leaders Making A Difference

Major Influencers in His Life

Most Challenging […]

Alexander Kalis on Investment Platforms

Alexander Kalis of Milltrust International discusses the role and application of investment platforms for investors, and looks at their potential use in Asia. Hubbis, January 2015.

Alexander Kalis on Efficient Access to Emerging Markets

Alexander Kalis of Milltrust International explains the role of the firm’s Emerging Markets Managed Accounts (EMMA) platform in giving investors access to these opportunities. Hubbis, January 2015.

Simon Hopkins on the Trends in Asset Management Industry

Simon Hopkins of Milltrust highlights some key drivers for change within the asset management industry, and looks at what he believes needs to happen to secure a prosperous future. Hubbis, June 2014.