British Innovation Fund

The British Innovation Fund is managed by Milltrust International LLP and sub-advised by Milltrust Agricultural Investments and Future Planet Capital. The Fund invests into leading British University innovation venture funds and companies.

The investment universe for the British Innovation Fund is British University Venture Funds and Spin-out companies emanating from British Universities. The Fund is focused on biotechnology, life sciences, agricultural technologies, healthcare, physics etc. The current portfolio allocation is split between 4 companies; Roslin Technologies (University of Edinburgh), Oxford Sciences Innovation (University of Oxford), PragmatIC Printing (backed by Cambridge Innovation Capital), and a diagnostics company which has spun out of a UK university.

The Fund places particular emphasis on Direct Investments in spinout companies arising from co-investment opportunities developed with managers of the Venture Funds in which the Fund has invested. There is further opportunity for individual investors to take their own exposure to a spinout through the creation of a sub fund dedicated to that spinout.

The Fund is focused evenly between agricultural and non-agricultural investments.

Roslin Technologies

Roslin Technologies is the new Technology Commercialisation Company of the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute. Based at Easter Bush Campus, the largest concentration of animal science expertise in Europe, Roslin Technologies exists to deliver breakthrough commercial solutions in the Animal Health, Breeding/Genetics and Animal Nutrition space based on the expert agricultural research of the Institute. Roslin Technologies will offer opportunities for investors looking to capitalise on the growing demand for food and agricultural products. Roslin Technologies is a 50/50 joint venture between University of Edinburgh and external investors and has the strategic backing of the food and agri-focused private equity firm JB Equity.

Oxford Sciences Innovation

Oxford Sciences Innovation (“OSI”), is the world’s largest university venture company. Their vision is to turn a thousand years of world-beating science into the next generation of world-leading companies by linking Oxford’s research to the best human and financial capital. Through a contractual arrangement with the University, OSI have access to equity in all scientific spin-outs for up to 45 years.  OSI’s CEO is Dave Norwood, an expert in IP commercialisation, having spun out 3 tech unicorns to date.  Amongst their investors are some of the world’s best known tech names as well as research institutions and sovereign funds.  OSI is also invested in by Oxford University.

Pragmatic Printing

Pragmatic Printing is a world leader in the manufacturing of ultra-low cost flexible integrated circuits. It has the potential to revolutionise the supply chain of fast moving-consumer goods companies by connecting their products to the internet of things.  Their capabilities offer potential throughout a vast range of devices and applications, ranging from RFID tags and other forms of Near Field Communications (NFC) such as smart cards, through to smart packaging and almost any device that may need to connect to the Internet of Things.

Diagnostics company

This diagnostics company is developing a device used for “blood testing at your fingertips”. The device connects to a smart phone and can run a full range of blood tests from a drop of blood, with the results given in less than 10 minutes. The device represents a major advance in global healthcare self-management, performing multiple tests on a dedicated chip, providing a clinician with a patient’s current health status determined by the most relevant biomarkers in the blood. The tests are exactly the ones a GP would use at present and are fully approved for diagnosis.

Fund Structure

Future Planet Capital

Future Planet Capital is the world’s foremost global innovation investment platform. Through a unique series of partnerships with top-tier universities in Asia, Europe and the U.S., the firm possesses an unrivalled level of access to technology and life science firms spin-outs from academic institutions and the “clusters of innovation” that surround them.  It is Future Planet’s belief that providing access to investment in top innovation centres provides both profitable and impactful returns.  Future Planet is also a sub-advisor to the British Innovation Fund.
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