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by Alexander Kalis | Managing Partner & Head of Investments at Milltrust International

Milltrust in the News

Mr. Simon Hopkins
CEO, Milltrust International Group
Chairman, Milltrust Agricultural Investments

Mr. Simon Hopkins is a successful entrepreneur in the investment management industry with more than two decades of professional experience including being an early advocate of hedge fund investing for institutional investors.

In 1996, Mr. Hopkins created the first independent investment consulting and research firm specializing in hedge funds with over 27,000 registered users around the globe. Concurrently, Mr. Hopkins played a pioneering role in seeding many of the incipient European hedge funds through the Fortune Group which managed over USD 7 billion in 2006.

In 2011, Mr. Hopkins founded Milltrust International, an award-winning investment platform. Milltrust manages an Irish-regulated Collective Asset Vehicle (ICAV), offering a range of world-class investment solutions including diversified farmland investments in Latin America and Australasia, and other specialist real estate investments.

Steven:     What is the market outlook for farmland?

Simon:  Farmland in Australasia has been something of a forgotten asset class. The appreciation of land has found it difficult to exceed inflation over the past 70 years. However, this is now changing as farmers become more empowered by having better access to markets directly from the farm gate.  The Mainland Chinese and other institutional investors have started to buy farms aggressively…

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Key Story

Chinese officials have outlined a series of concessions they are willing to make to the U.S. ahead of meeting between the two countries’ leaders at the G-20 in Argentina.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the U.S. still plans to raise tariffs on China in January, with Donald Trump and Xi Jinping only likely to agree a “framework” for further talks when they meet. Market reaction in China was muted as fund managers there say they have already set expectations low for a breakthrough at the leaders’ meeting.

One big winner from the continuing trade tensions is Chinese government debt, with the country’s sovereign note the world’s best performing this year.

Key Soundbites

  • BRAZIL: Economist Roberto Campos Neto will take the reins of Brazil’s central bank under incoming President Jair Bolsonaro with the benchmark rate at a record low and inflation close to target.
  • SRI LANKA: A bloodless coup in Sri Lanka is going awry and no one knows who is in charge.

Key Investment

Netbay Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based company engaged in providing electronic business (e-Business) services. The Company provides solutions to government and private sectors.

The “Innovative Technology Company” creates, designs and develops Innovative Digital Business Technology Platform and Omni Channel Connectivity Gateway.

Key Charts


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