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by Alexander Kalis | Managing Partner & Head of Investments at Milltrust International 

China Comeback, Indian Election Boost, Brazil Upgrade, and Saudi Privatisations

China Talks Reforms

China’s 25-member Politburo said after a meeting Monday that “the government will stick to a proactive fiscal policy and prudent and neutral monetary policy. Market-based measures will be taken to reduce overcapacity,” while “the meeting also urged bolder reform and opening-up efforts and timely implementation of major opening-up policies,”.

Time to Buy Indian Equities

Indian stocks have been roughed up along with most markets in recent months, but there could soon be reason to cheer. National elections are due by 2019, and modern history shows that tends to be a good thing for investors.

Brazil’s Economic Recovery

Amidst political chaos and uncertainty, Brazil’s economy continues on its path to recovery receiving a vote of confidence by ratings agency Moody’s. There is hope Brazil will be able to continue the necessary economic reforms once a new President takes office next year.

Saudi Arabia Privatisation Initiatives

The government of Saudi Arabia plans to generate between $9 billion and $11 billion in revenue by 2020 through a privatisation programme that will create as many as 12,000 jobs, according to a document published by the state-run Saudi Press Agency on Tuesday.

The initiative targets 14 separate private-public partnership investments worth between $6.4 billion and $7.4 billion, and will lead to the corporatisation of Saudi Arabia’s ports, the production portion of the Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation and the Ras Al Khair desalination and power plant, according to the document.


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