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by Alexander Kalis Managing Partner & Head of Investments at Milltrust International


Milltrust and its affiliates at East India Capital Management in Singapore are launching the ZPX Tech Titans Fund, a Cayman SPV set up in conjunction with a number of former alumni of Founders’ Fund in the US who have given us capacity in some of the biggest unicorns ever, with listings slated over the course of the next 36 months. The Fund includes exclusive access to shares in SpaceX, Palentir, Lyft and AirBnB which, up until now, have not been available to private investors. Please click here for more information on the ZPX Tech Titans opportunity and contact us should you wish to discuss in greater detail.

In other technology news, our investment in Deep Instinct through Milltrust International’s Cerracap II Fund, has brought its deep learning-equipped cybersecurity offering to Australia, as part of its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.


In the healthcare space, Naveen Jain, founder of New Mexico biotech startup Viome Inc., one of our core investments through through Cerracap, claimed a Tsunami of Artificial intelligence will play a “massive” role in health care in the future. The company launched in October 2016 to carry out personalized microbiome testing to build individual health regimes that can help prevent chronic disease. It uses advanced analytics technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory to analyse your gut and give you actionable health tips.

Jain’s predictions are corroborated by Nanalyze’s article on 8 Startups Using AI for Personalised Health which show the clear trend and progress led by Artificial Intelligence in the medical/healthcare and nutrition sectors.

Closer to home, Labiotech reports on Oxford spinout Vaccitech, an investment of ours through the British Innovation Fund, which is developing vaccines that could help beat cancer and infectious diseases. Vaccitech is already taking current shortcomings to make a better vaccine and is so far looking to be succeeding. Its universal flu vaccine generates a strong T-cell response and a better antibody response than the standard flu virus alone. A Phase I trial tested the company’s prostate cancer vaccine in almost 50 patients, and a Phase II trial is planned to test it in combination with the checkpoint inhibitor, Opdivo.

Meanwhile, Roslin Technologies, also a key holding within our British Innovation Fund, has opened its new £30m Roslin Innovation Centre, creating a multi-purpose, multi-occupancy gateway to the largest concentration of animal related expertise in Europe – the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus in Midlothian. The Centre brings together academia, research and enterprise to help address global challenges in areas such as agritech, animal bioscience and One Health (which studies the intersection of human, animal and environmental sciences).


Supporting the case for our MAI Buy & Lease Australia Fund, a new map of Australian agricultural production reveals record agricultural yield in the years 2016 and 2017. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ map of Australia’s agriculture shows that the highest revenue crop per tonne produced and per hectare sown in 2015-16 was cotton, with sugar cane as the highest yielding per hectare.

And finally, we are also finding interesting agricultural opportunities in Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay where MAI has built strong networks of very close contacts and where we might establish funds that include these markets in time, as Griff Williams, CIO at Milltrust Agricultural Investments (MAI) explains in an recent interview by Agri Investor.

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