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by Alexander Kalis Managing Partner & Head of Investments at Milltrust International


Our investment in Deep Instinct, part of Milltrust International Investments’ Cerracap II Fund, has continued to make strides in the Cybersecurity space, having won an impressive number of innovation startup awards in 2017. As described by Gigaom, Deep Instinct leverages deep learning to provide insights for zero-day malware detection in both endpoint and mobile devices; two of the key areas of concern in cybersecurity.

In Singapore, one of our mobile transportation platform investments, Grab, announced that it has signed up over 3000 Comfort Delgro cabbies, signalling great advances in the company – already the leader in the region – in establishing strong barriers to entry vis-à-vis rivals like Uber and Lyft. Most recently, Grab has launched its GrabPay e-payment platform for hawker stalls, restaurants and shops in Singapore, making its latest big push into electronic payments as part of its efforts to expand beyond transportation services.


Our investment in New Mexico biotech startup Viome Inc., also through Cerracap II, has already raised over $15 million in venture investment and employs 54 people in New Mexico and other states. The company launched in October 2016 to carry out personalized microbiome testing to build individual health regimes that can help prevent chronic disease. It uses advanced analytics technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory to analyse your gut and give you actionable health tips.

Meanwhile, Dr Jimmy Lin, Chief Scientific Officer at Natera and a cancer genomics pioneer, is developing ground-breaking innovative techniques in the fight against cancer. In his recent TED talk, he shares a breakthrough technique that looks for small signals of cancer’s presence via a simple blood test, detecting the recurrence of some forms of the disease 100 days earlier than traditional methods.

Our investment in Oxford Sciences Innovation, through the British Innovation Fund, has spawned Vaccitech, a ‘universal’ flu shot which is now set for phase 2 study in the UK. Sometimes regarded as the Holy Grail of vaccine development, “universal” flu shots are designed to protect against many strains of flu and avoid the pitfalls of traditional vaccines.

Finally, Roslin Technologies, also an investment by the British Innovation Fund, is spearheading new genetic research designed to breed elite pigs with a natural resistance to diseases, as well as enhancing other economic traits.


Griff Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Milltrust Agricultural Investments (MAI) gives an overview of Agriculture as an Asset Class, which has drawn significant investment interest among pension funds today amidst a growing appetite for all ‘real assets’ as allocators seek diversification and higher yields.

MAI is also pleased to announce the purchase of Lurline North, a large scale mixed cropping farm located near Emerald in Queensland, Australia. The farm has been purchased for the MAI Australia Buy & Lease Fund. Since launching the Fund in 2016, 5 farms have been acquired in Australia, including Lurline North and we will shortly announce the acquisition of 2 further adjacent farms in New South Wales. The full press release can be see here.

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